The Failed Putsch

It’s 2020, the results of the election dropped. Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United-States of America. Though, some people don’t believe this. They want “their president” back in office.

Joe Biden starts his mandate in January 2021. On January 6th a Trump rally takes place in Washington. Protestors are angry, the person that currently sits in the President’s office is an impostor. For them, Donald Trump won the election. At some point of this rally Trump declares that he is going to walk to the Capitol with these people. But, with or without “their president”, they are going to walk to the Capitol.

Protestors have now reached the next location of the protest. From this moment, everything will go downhill. The protestors soon become rioters. They are breaking everything that is restraining them from entering the Capitol. They’re in. Walking slowly inside the building, amazed by what they have done.

To enter the building, they had to face a police force, they used extreme violence. At the end of the worst day of their life, the police force of the Capitol reports one death (a rioter). And many severly injured cops.

One year later, an investigation has started. On the first year “anniversary” of the event many threats against the Congress members are observed by the federal police. Many people call this an attempt to take over the government. What is special in this case is that people who are accused were the one to share information. Tons and tons of videos of Trump supporters breaking in the Capitol can be found on the Internet.

The remaining question is “Who really told and encouraged these people to try to take over the Congress?”

IvankaTrump was called to testify on everything she knows about the events.

M. Sauvage

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